Saturday, October 16, 2010

Supermarkets are fun too!

A little grocery shopping was necessary for some gluten free biscuits and laundry powder. It was so much fun checking out the supermarket. We even got to queue - small things amuse small minds! But the variety of foods and the display of the cheese and salami was fabulous.
As we were paying, there was a glass with holy pictures in it. One of the pictures was of Mary Maddelena - she was the patron of healing. The church was just around the corner so we went and said a prayer for all the people who had asked us to pray for them. We also thanked God for Mark's work as a doctor in Bega.
In Rome it seems that everywhere you look you find the tangible presence of God.

There are many gypsies around the tourist areas of Rome.
At the first drop of rain they are there selling umbrella, hats at the first glimpses of sunshine, necklaces and scarves no matter what the weather.

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