Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI in Australia - My Memories

His Holiness Pope Benedict in Australia
My meeting with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, with my husband Geoff and His Excellency Giuseppe Lazzarotto Nuncio to Australia, at World Youth Day was a wonderful occasion for Geoff and I.
We were among the many thousands who were blessed with a meeting - be it ever so brief.
It is one of those questions you ask your self - how did I get the privilage to be standing here holding the hand of His Holiness Benedict XVI the Vicar of Peter.
In my many years working in the Catholic Church I have met many wonderful people. Men and women who have chosen to follow a Calling from Christ with their life. Be it priest, nun, wife, husband, musician, artist, teacher, prayer support - people who have felt or heard a call to - come follow Me - and have put other things asside to walk the journey following the Gospel Call to love one another as I have loved you.

I know there is much shame is the Church, much pain in the body of Christ. In many, many ways - "the Body of My Son is Broken".  We are each called to heal. Christ has no body now but your - no hands no feet on earth but yours. We are called to fogive and to be forgiven. To find the brokenness in our own lives and seek wholeness. This Lenten Season is a time of Grace. A time to stop and seek the Face of Christ in our lives.

The Saviour Wreath Meditaiton Bracelet - Who am I because of my Baptism. What does God say to me in the desert of My life. What revelation have I received on the Holy Mountain. The Blood of Christ cleanses me and calls me on to misssion, intercession, prayer and praise. In the dark times of life I must continue to seek the light of the Ressurection.

At St Mary's Cathedral Sydney, just before the enacting of the Last Supper and the Stations of the Cross, which were absolutely amazing.

We were with thousands who slept the night at Randwick Racecourse.
Pope Benedict XVI on Sydney Harbour at World Youth Day