Monday, May 16, 2011

The Old School house

Geoff and I have been blessed to own an old school house and 120-year-old school in NSW, not too far from Canberra. There I have a studio - it is the original kitchen which I have claimed as my studio!
The image on the right is the Icon of Mother of Tenderness which I am in the process of writing. She is beautiful. I am using pigment with egg yolk - the traditional way of making tempera paint on a board prepared with 13 layers of rabbit skin glue and whiting. It gives a beautiful rich colour to the image and through the process I feel a connection to the iconographers of centuries ago.
I love the discipline of iconography. I put on a Gregorian Chant CD and am absorbed in the moment.
Icons are 'the written word'. As the word of God is written so is an icon. It is full of symbolism which can be read by those who cannot read the written word. Stain glass windows also preach the word of God. When one sits and meditates on an icon much of the symbolism is revealed and one is drawn into the spiritual realm. Icons are 'windows to heaven'. Gold leaf surrounds the image.
We are enjoying the delights of the farm. Last weekend we picked olives from our two olive trees. We are in the process of salting them and hopefully the will be good to eat in a few months. We have also feasted on apples and nashi pears - delicious.