Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aboriginal Nativity

Aboriginal Nativity
I wish each of you a blessed and peaceful Christmas 2011.
This is an aboriginal nativity which I created in 2009.
I love the aboriginal form of painting and I wanted to create a nativity. 
The figures are based on the beautiful aboriginal Stations of the Cross used during World Youth Day in Sydney 2008.
The world can seem chaotic at this time of the year, 
But I feel the peace and serenity of the Holy Family in this image can speak to us of life and love. 
Christ came to the world as a helpless infant; into the arms of a young woman.
Christ was born into to the essence of creation - a place prepared by the Father, created by the Spirit - the breath of life.
 Those who live with the land know the beauty and majesty of the place of his birth. 
This place was the lowly stable - a cave in the side of a hill.
What man could build a lodging fit for the King of Kings?
The lodging our King wants is a home in our hearts. 
Many Blessings to you and your family and loved ones.