Saturday, October 16, 2010

Marguerite has been really moved by the pilgrimage. In a quiet moment as I was sitting in the chapel at the Irish College - I reflected with gratitude on my daughter’s spiritual growth which is the culmination of years of Catholic tradition.

Watching religious walking the streets amidst the hustle and bustle brings a real feeling of joy and peace.
Another highlight is sitting down at night and sharing the day with the other pilgrims.
Listening to the sounds of the didgeridoo while looking up at the dome of St. Peter’s through the umbrella pine in the courtyard of the Vatican Museum was surreal.


The cars are fabulous.
With a car this size why bother parallel  park,
just drop it in wherever it fits.

Finding the Tortoise Fountain on which Miranda had completed an assignment earlier in the year was an like finding a needle in a hay stack – but as blessed as this pilgrimage has been when we looked for it – it was just around the corner. What a God moment


  1. 1 day to go!! Bet your all very excited!!
    Love the tiny cars :-)
    Char xoxox

  2. Hello Eileen and Ella,
    We enjoy the pictures. What a great way to catalogue such an epic event. Friends from Minnesota are following.
    The Hathaway's