Monday, December 3, 2012

St Benedict's School of Iconography

St Benedict's School of Iconography runs workshops at Galong Monastery once a year.
Our Master Iconography is Patrick Bernard.
Allan is a very  passionate artist, he loves to experiment with new and old techniques.

Jeff is a very capable artist, he is writing the Baptism of Jesus at the moment. He recently attended a workshop  in the States.

Allen does magnificent icons on a slightly larger scale. He is working on the Agony in the Garden
Mick as a number of other members joined our group last year. We gather 12 times a year and Patrick guides us in the Byzantine method of Iconography.  We are very grateful to have Patricks expertise.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

63rd National Cherry Festival at Young NSW December 2012

We went to Young today to buy some of the delicious cherries in season at the moment.
We had orders for cherries from several of our Canberra friends and have eight kilos awaiting delivery.
Fresh from the farm they seem to be much more juicy than we are able to buy in the shops.
We bought 'Van' cherries - they are a large, juicy, flavoursome variety - yum.
 We did enjoy the Cherry Pip Spit Competition.

How does anyone spit a cherry pip 11.55metres!! - ask Nick from Young NSW he can - amazing
There were many different cherry spitting techniques

And the Champions of the Cherry Pip Spit - Nick, Lara from Germany and Nick from Young are with the Young Cherry Queen Maddison O’Hara
Well done guys - I don't know how you did it.