Saturday, October 16, 2010

In awe of the Pope's cathedral

Miranda Evans was in awe of the splendor and majestic beauty of the Lateran Basilica.

Saint John Lateran was first Christian church to be built inside the walls of Rome, and remains the Pope's own cathedral as Bishop of Rome and the first Papal residence.

Miranda is having a wonderful time on the pilgrimage with mum Marguerite. For the rest of us older pilgrims it is terrific to be able to share our journey with the young ones.

Danielli our guide accompanied us again today. We were really blessed to have him. He is an archaeologist and a history scholar.  He is also a great man of faith and was very capable of extending his wisdom to us.

After our visit to St John Lateran, which is the church of the life of Christ, we went to the Basilica of Santa Croce in Jerusalem - Church of the True Cross. As you arrive at this church you are met by an imposing staircase. This Holy staircase is believed to be the actual steps that Jesus climbed the day He was sentenced to death. Tradition holds that the stairs were sent from Jerusalem to Rome by Saint Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine in 334 A.D. This was a very moving experience that caused many of us to weep. In a chapel above the stairs is a piece of the true cross and one of the nails used in Jesus' crucifixion. 

We are all so amazed at the things we have done and seen over the days we have been here. It has been a wonderful time for us all.

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  1. your all so blessed to be experiencing such a wonderful time God bless you all