Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Mary means to us

I've just added a link under my "Important links" list to a new five minute video on the Canberra and Goulburn Archdiocese website about what Mary MacKillop and her canonisation means to us.
Or you can check it out right here:

Mary's gentle mercy

I must tell you about a beautiful little book I have been reading as preparation for my trip to the Canonisation. It is titled - ‘Memories of Mary, by those who knew her. Sisters of St Joseph 1925 – 1926’. It recalls moments and memories of the Sisters who knew Mary of the Cross. I loved this particular little story, set in Kincumber where my great, great grandmother lived and knew Mary.
 ......Mother Mary was devotedly attached to the orphans. In years gone by her visits to Kincumber were always looked forward to by the boys who met her at Woy Woy. In a small open boat they rowed her for three miles across the Brisbane Water – one little chap being employed the whole way bailing out the water. This happened frequently on dark nights too, when only the splash of the oar could indicate their arrival at the orphanage. Mother went there on imperative administrative business, but was always accompanied by bags of bread and meat. On one occasion a little orphan came to her crying: ‘Please, Mother, Sr A sent me to tell you that I stole a loaf of bread!’  ‘Were you hungry, my child? If so, go back and steal another.’.....
It shows such gentle mercy as she imitated Christ’s love for the poor and orphaned. I suppose that is what a saint is made of!