Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Good Shepherd, Icon

The Good Shepherd, Icon

This is The Good Shepherd icon I have recently completed. It is a gift for a friend who was good enough to "water divine" on our property.

We had a bore drilled and have a good water stream under our property. We are so please to have an additional source of water as this past summer it so extremely hot that dams that had not dried up in the 9 year drought dried up in January/February 2013. The temperature was in the mid 40'sC and the wind was constant. It was a very dry atmosphere and the earth was parched. The plants suffered greatly from the severe conditions

We each need to do our utmost to look after the planet we share and to care for our neighbour.

'The Lord is My Shepherd, I lack nothing.' Psalm 23.

WaterMin drilling our new Bore