Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to work as we start the new year - 2012

Tomorrow I am back to work after a 3 week holiday.
I am so privileged to be able to take time off from the routine of work in the city and spend it in the country - watching the sheep grazing in the adjoining paddock, the blue wren flitting back and forth through the water spray in the garden, picking the magnificent blue and white agapanthus for the vases and cooking the apples and plums from the orchard.
My beetroot were small - but cooked up into a delicious relish.
My zucchini are crunchier than the ones I buy and the tomatoes are yummy. I do not get many vegetables but I do appreciate those that grow.
The dog is digging up my pumpkin patch - I am not sure what he is after - ants, rabbits..... but it is not very good for the plants I must confess.
Farming is not my strong point - but I am enjoying trying to grow my own vegies. Any suggestions would be most grateful.
May the year ahead be filled with joy and peace for you and your loved ones.
May the world know the Wonder of His Love.
Every blessing to you during 2012.