Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our canonisation reflection

Click here to follow a link to the Archdiocese website and you'll be able to hear exactly what we all thought and felt after the Canonisation Mass through a short audio-visual reflection. It includes lots of photos from our trip, so check it out and see who you can spot.

Many Familiar Faces among the crowd of proud pilgrims

I met  Louis and Kate Seselja from Canberra in the foyer of the Hotel,
I am sure Louis will have many superb photos to share through the Catholic Voice

Bishop Brian Finnigan, previous General Secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Auxiliary of Brisbane
and Herbie O'Flynn after the Thanksgiving Mass
Maureen Clancy and Karen Nixon

I rejoiced when I saw my friend
Archbishop Guiseppe Lazzarotto, the Apostolic Nuncio to Australia

It was a proud and joy-filled day for Archbishop Mark Coleridge and the Australian Bishops.
We have been truly blessed to have Bishop Mark with us during this journey, he has been inspirational.
Thanks Bishop Mark

A Saint for the Universal Church

The liturgy focused on the praise and thanksgiving for our Saint Mary of the Cross.
The first reading was from Colossians 3:12-17 encouraging us in all ways to be thankful and emphasizing Mary’s charism of teaching each other.
The Responsorial Psalm was sung lead by a magnificent female voice that filled  the Basilica.
Cardinal Pell said that St Mary was the first Aussie saint in 2000 years and we are delighted and grateful. St Mary encouraged the poor Catholics to exploit their opportunities  and encouraged reading, writing and arithmetic and God’s love and forgiveness.
He reminded us of her words – ‘little crosses of everyday life are harder than the thumping big one. Expect crosses and realize that we also give them’.  She made forgiveness her most remarkable attribute. ‘I have enemies but loved enemies.’
Pius 9th recognized the hand of the Lord upon her and gave her support and encouragement.
The Cardinal also emphasized she is not just an Australian Saint but a Saint for the Universal Church.

Our Saint Mary's Celebration Dinner

Michael MacKillop wearing a MacKillop tartan scarf
presented to him by Archbishop Mark
Last evening we joined 650 Australians at the hotel dining room for a Celebration Dinner. We gathered with joy and pride as we shared the moments of the Canonisation Ceremony that touched us. We were entertained by Gary Pinto of Australian Idol fame, singing his song Saint Mary MacKillop.

We met with pilgrims from around Australia - from Perth, Deniliquin, Cairns and Bishop Michael Putney from Townsville with many companion travelers. Bishop Joe Grech was with pilgrims from his diocese, the Bishop from Dunedin had several fellow companions. Mons Tom Stack – Ellen’s cousin from Dublin – joined us to share the day. The Stack family has made the pilgrimage to honor their aunt, Sister Columbkille, who was recruited into the congregation by Saint Mary herself. Mother Mary of the Cross threw her mantle over her as a sign of acceptance and protection.

Two couples chose to celebrate their significant wedding anniversaries (50th and 51st) by attending the Canonisation. What a wonderful way to mark such a special occasion. Our Peter Stephens, from Grenfell, celebrated his birthday along with several others.
It was an assolutamente terrifico end to a magnificent day, bravo!

Herbie and Lynn O'Flynn

Mass of Thanksgiving for the Canonisation of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop

This morning we went to the Basilica of St Paul outside the Walls for the Mass of Thanksgiving, Canonisation of Saint Mary MacKillop. This is the place outside the walls of Rome that the body of the Apostle Paul was buried. Oh what a joyous occasion. Twenty-five bishops were present, over 150 priests, the Australian Parliamentary delegation and the Ambassador to the Holy See, His Excellency Tim Fischer the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and thousands of pilgrims. Cardinal George Pell was the main celebrant assisted by Deacon Boniface from Darwin.

Louise Jeffery was thrilled to have her moment with Kevin Rudd.
The Foreign Minister has been a wonderful presence and support throughtout the past days.
He was a hit especially with the young people - he has a gracious charm.  

As we all gathered the mood was high excitement and gratification. It was exciting to catch up with other friends and relatives as we all gathered.

Caitlin Nye was thrilled to have time to meet up with her cousin Senator Ursula Stephens, Tim Fischer and Sister Anne Derwin

There was a moving indigenous cleansing ceremony which lead the formal entrance procession, followed by many other ethnic groups. It was very inspiring to be part of an Australasian Liturgy in such an important Basilica in the heart of our Church. It was like we were a child coming of age.

Heidi Welsh carrying the Colours for the Bathurst Diocese.
 'The Australian Bishops preceded by the Sisters of St Joseph and various groups whose association with the spirit and charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop have profoundly influenced and shaped their lives as Christians.' Heidi Welsh carried the colours representing the Bathurst Diocese.


Cleansing Ceremony