Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We're Roman train geniuses

We have just taken the metro and are on our way to Subiaco where the monastery of St Benedict is. Yeah we are feeling very proud of ourselves for working out the train system of Rome. It is great.
This is a pilgrimage day for Wendy, Mark and I to experience a taste of Benedictine spirituality. Others have gone to Pompeii, Assisi, Florence or Ostia Antica.

Patience is a virtue

We were all looking forward to our Vatican Museum tour - until we saw the line! We spent an hour waiting for our turn, trying to remember that patience is a virtue we should strive for.
Potential rain was no match for WYD 08 ponchos...
There were still plenty of sights to keep our cameras occupied. And we managed to stay hydrated thanks to the handy Vatican water fountain. Just what we needed.
The water was delicious. So welcome!

Touring the Basilica

Here's some shots from our recent adventures...

See how they've already started setting up chairs for the canonisation Mass on Sunday
Check out the gob smacked pilgrims!

And I had to add this shot of Ellen!

Pilgrim life: hard work, prayer and fun

A side chapel at St Peter's Bascilica
What an amazing day. Bishop Mark told us that being a pilgrim was not always easy. That it involved praying hard, working hard and having fun. Well, we achieved all three today. We began the day with Mass in the side chapel at St Peter’s Basilica. I wondered if Mary MacKillop had knelt in the same spot those many years ago, as behind the altar is a huge mosaic of St Joseph holding the child Jesus. 
As the internet is on strike this evening, this is a brief blog….. more tomorrow!