Monday, May 12, 2014

Sydney Harbour and the Q Station

SuperCat Class Ferry - St Mary MacKillop
 Mother's Day was wonderful. Phone calls from each of the children and breakfast at the Bella Vista Café, North Head National Park Sydney. Bliss.
It was a truly magnificent spot. The views were breath taking.
Manly is a nightmare for parking - but once you find the Parking Garage the rest is easy and very entertaining. The beach is beautiful. And even in May the water is a very pleasant temperature. There were many Surfers riding the waves.

Q Station
 We spent the evening at the Q Station. A fascinating spot for a touch of history, mystery and very good food at the restaurant.
It is in the heart of Sydney, but sufficiently secluded to think you are out in the bush. It is surrounded by a beautiful national park.
Do put it on your 'to do list'.
Sydney Harbour - Magnificient

North Heads - Sydney Harbour

Panorama - Sydney Harbour Views

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