Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bogong Moth

Bogong Moth

Bogong Moth Camouflaged
The Bogong moth arrived at the farm, at Murrumburrah, early April 2014 one evening and stayed for about two weeks before there were no more to be seen.
One evening there was much commotion on the back veranda and when I looked out the dog was having much fun playing with a number of huge moths flying above his head. They were the size of small birds. There were about 20 moths flying around the night light.
The following day I found a moth camouflaged at the base of a small tree trunk - very clever.

Wikipedia's reference to the Bogong moth is as follows -
The Bogong moth (Agrotis infusa) is a temperate species of night-flying moth notable for appearing in large numbers around major public buildings in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, during spring (late September to November) as it migrates to the High Plains. The moth's name 'Bogong' is the same as the mountain ranges on the High Plains i.e. the Bogongs, and may mean 'Big Fella' hence the name for the mountains, or it may have been the name for the Moth which has been accorded to the mountains as their locale.

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