Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Saint for the Universal Church

The liturgy focused on the praise and thanksgiving for our Saint Mary of the Cross.
The first reading was from Colossians 3:12-17 encouraging us in all ways to be thankful and emphasizing Mary’s charism of teaching each other.
The Responsorial Psalm was sung lead by a magnificent female voice that filled  the Basilica.
Cardinal Pell said that St Mary was the first Aussie saint in 2000 years and we are delighted and grateful. St Mary encouraged the poor Catholics to exploit their opportunities  and encouraged reading, writing and arithmetic and God’s love and forgiveness.
He reminded us of her words – ‘little crosses of everyday life are harder than the thumping big one. Expect crosses and realize that we also give them’.  She made forgiveness her most remarkable attribute. ‘I have enemies but loved enemies.’
Pius 9th recognized the hand of the Lord upon her and gave her support and encouragement.
The Cardinal also emphasized she is not just an Australian Saint but a Saint for the Universal Church.

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  1. What a good job Sue- I had to listen to the link at work my sound was no good at home. You really have been treated to once in a life time event
    Mary of the Cross Bless you all and especially my sister Nev -Happy trails homeward bound