Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pilgrim life: hard work, prayer and fun

A side chapel at St Peter's Bascilica
What an amazing day. Bishop Mark told us that being a pilgrim was not always easy. That it involved praying hard, working hard and having fun. Well, we achieved all three today. We began the day with Mass in the side chapel at St Peter’s Basilica. I wondered if Mary MacKillop had knelt in the same spot those many years ago, as behind the altar is a huge mosaic of St Joseph holding the child Jesus. 
As the internet is on strike this evening, this is a brief blog….. more tomorrow!


  1. Good to hear your news Suzie. Glad you arrived safely and that your Pilgrimage has begun well. Thinking of you. Jude xxx

  2. I have just heard, from Jude reading your blog to me, of your journey and your first days in Rome. I was trying to get in touch with you just before your left but missed out. I was thinking so much of you as you journeyed, praying for a very safe trip. I have woken up and no planes have been bought down so I know you are safe. I am very much at peace and thinking of you and your wonderful experience.I love you darling. Have a wonderful time. Lots of blessings, Mum xxxx

  3. How wonderful, to be at St Peter's and attend mass with friends in the Basilica. Say a prayer for me. Have fun Therese