Sunday, August 11, 2013

Religious Icons

I am very excited as I am currently in the process of having a web page constructed to display my Religious Icons. I have been writing Icons since 2005 and have completed around fourteen Icons that are housed in various parts of Australia.
  • I have an exhibition which I am working towards in October at The Black Swan, Galong NSW for which I am writing Icons of The Virgin, Mother of the Sweet Kiss and The Mother of Perpetual Help - after the image written by St Luke and several other images.
I also love creating rosary bracelets.
They will be available on my new web page - Sues Religious Icons.

On the occasion of my daughter's wedding I created wedding candles for the special occasion.
I will have them available for you to see and order if you have an occasion approaching for which you would like a personalised candle.

I will let you know when the Sues Religious Icons web site is ready. Watch this space...!!!

Many blessings Sue

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