Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rosemary's Gluten Free Rainbow Pizza

Rainbow Pizza
A pre-made pizza base [gluten free is necessary]
Pumpkin - Jap or butternut is nicest
Tomato paste
Fetta cheese
English spinach

1. Spread tomato paste over the pizza base - as thick as you like!
2. Pumpkin - cut onto small chunks and roast in butter and honey until
quite soft - smaller pieces cook nice and quickly. Slice the chunks up
and place on the pizza. Drizzle the honey and melted butter mixture
over the pieces of pumpkin and onto any exposed bits of pizza base.
3. Pile the spinach onto the pumpkin slices using as much as you like.
4. Add chopped fetta cheese [ I like to use goat's fetta as I can't eat
cow's milk!]. Mozzarella also works.
Add some more honey if you're feeling adventurous
5. Bake as for any pizza.

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