Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mary MacKillop - The Little Brown Book

Guardian Angel
I have had a wonderful weekend at the property at Demondrille, Murrumburrah NSW. At the church of St Anthony of Padua at Harden this morning - Sunday - I met Jean who is arranging a women's morning breakfast next Saturday. The guests are the authors of - The Little Brown Book, Sue and Leo Kane. I became familiar with this book when I was researching information and writing on Mary of the Cross MacKillop, for the Icon I was writing. I am looking forward very much to hearing them speak. God is so good to have given me the opportunity to be at this breakfast.
The country folk are a wonderful testimony to the strength of faith in Australia.
The following is a book review from the Catholic Leader by Barbara Flynn, June 2009-

The Little Brown Book delicately illustrated with iconic symbols of Mary's experiences, makes access to Mary's spirituality possible.
These joint authors with academic and personal interest in the spirituality of Mary MacKillop have prepared a journey of exploration into Mary's spirituality for individuals and for members of groups.
The three instruments that they skilfully employ to involve the reader in this deep and spiritually rewarding journey are first the messages from Mary's writings, either given to her mother, to another relative or to members of her congregation.
Second, from their own backgrounds in spirituality and education, the authors offer guided contemplation in anecdotal form, generated from values inherent in Mary's written message or messages.
Third, a Scripture verse or verses with relevance to the spiritual values emerging out of Mary's message concludes each exercise.
These brief poignant Scripture verses mirror in intent the spiritual values and Christian principles encapsulated in Mary's written messages.
They are a precious enrichment in the exercise and draw the reader contemplatively deeper into imbibing elements of Mary's spirituality, derived from her deep faith, trust and hope in the providence of God.
Seventy brief messages written by Mary are recorded for the reader's exploration.
A mosaic of inter-woven values and beliefs reflecting Mary's spirituality in living out the Gospel of love and service emerges as one contemplates the meanings behind Mary's words.
The Gospel values and beliefs regarding God and God's love of her and of all people, embedded in
either written messages, become a device for anecdotal reflections guiding each contemplation.

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