Friday, October 15, 2010

Last lot of Tuesday stories, I promise

Michael still hasn't got the hang of the Trevi Fountain.
On Tuesday Bishop Mark played tour guide for the group who stayed in Rome. The highlight for Kevin was the tomb of Raphael as his father was named after this great painter and sculptor.
They also went to the Castle of St Angelo with its display of swords, armory and cannons. For Kevin the rusting Balista in the courtyard was a thrill. Pope Clement the 7th fled to the Castle from St Peter’s following the sack of Rome. So many of the Swiss Guards were killed that they commemorate that day in May 1527 each year.

Assisi: a photogenic town.
A small group ventured by train to Assisi for the day. Nev Taylor of Rivett said the scenery was absolutely stunning. The town is settled on the top of the hill and the surrounding countryside has groves of olives and grapevines.
Herbie O’Flynn said the Basilica of St Claire contained the Cross of Christ from which Christ spoke to St Francis saying “Rebuild my Church”. Herbie was touched by a time of contemplation in the stillness and mystery of the place. He and Lynn both agreed this is a place of extra ordinary peace.
Charlotte and Heidi said they loved walking through the small narrow streets of Assisi and loved the churches.

Ancient history students at Pompeii.

The Trinity Community travelled all day to Naples and Pompeii.
The highlight of the day was the history, the pain, the passion and the extraordinary preservation of the place.

Richard Ceasar-Thwaytes went to the Cat Refuge on the free day Tuesday. It is said that Cleopatra who was very fond of cats gave a cat to Caesar as a gift. But alas he was allergic to cats. The Vatican Museum has in its exhibition this wonderful mummified cat - who would have thought? Richard is thoroughly enjoying the experience.
The cat mummy!

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  1. I was in Rome, Assissi, Venice and Pompeii twelve months ago a marvelous experience. I agree Assissi was a peace filled place.