Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Visit to the Catacombs of Rome

Ascending from the Catacombs

Michelle: I found the catacombs to be quite a touching and profound experience. This was a place in which the early Christians came to say Mass and celebrate their faith away from the reach of those who were persecuting them. What conviction, faith and courage! There was literally nothing that could keep them from practicing their faith – not even the fear of death… If that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is!

Shirley came on pilgrimage alone but has made so many wonderful travelling companions who are supporting and caring for each other.

Shirley Topp and Dr Ellen Lawler- Stack

Shirley was so proud of herself as she was unsure how she would cope going through narrow tunnels under the ground. The hour tour flew by and she found it so amazing that nothing would have kept her from experiencing this extraordinary witness of faith by the early Christians. She says she is growing each day. As we ascended from the Catacombs it was like we were coming in to the new life of the Resurrection – we were singing Shine Jesus Shine.   

For Shirley, Archbishop Mark has been such a wonderful spiritual guide and leader. He has such a calming effect on the bus. He brings us to a spiritual quiet, reflective place each morning as we set out for the day's pilgrimage in prayer, and in the evening. She loves the many insights into Roman culture and the history of the Church which he shares. She also enjoys his quick wit.
This is a most beautiful Sculpture of St Cecilia -
Catacombe San Callisto Statua Santa Cecilia

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